Computational thinking Article

Three levels of computational thinking for the classroom


Rodney Rojas, expert in education and technology in Paraguay Educa (Organization that promotes educational technology and innovation), tells us about three open-access platforms that are free and have different levels of computational thinking for the classroom, associated with programming projects. 

Programming  involves establishing a sequence of instructions to make a specific product (a web page, an app, a robot movement, etc.). Rojas begins by claiming that programming is not meant for super geniuses nor is it learnt just to create these products, but it is used to get different concepts that cut across the school curriculum.  That is why it is crucial to understand programming as part of the students and teachers’ own thinking process, and it is essential to develop computational thinking in the classrooms. In this way, Rodney summarizes three platforms that grade the level of computational thinking acquired.


Rodney Rojas

Rodney Rojas is a mechanical engineer and an expert in Technology and education in Paraguay Educa, Paraguay.
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