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Gonzalo Zabala: “Robotics need to be part of the curriculum”


Gonzalo Zabala is an acknowledged expert in the field of robotics in Argentina. He is a primary education teacher, holds a BS in Computer Science and has a wide experience in education and technology. In this interview he talks about the current situation of educational robotics in Argentina and gives specific advice to teachers who are beginning to work with it as well as to those who would like to continue deepening its use in the classrooms.

Robotics in the school curriculum 

Gonzalo refers to robotics as a didactic resource that integrates three disciplines:  mechanics, electronics, and programming. This integration is a goal in itself that can be achieved by carrying out robotics proposals. It is crucial, however, to understand the current educational context, and that is why Zabala believes there should be a change in Argentina’s education in order to advance with educational robotics.e also discusses the main current difficulties of this approach in the classroom.

How to implement robotics in the classroom?

Zabala mentions  several proposals that are basic and advanced as well as technical and crucial. “It’s endless”, he claims several times when referring to the great number of possible projects. Gonzalo is convinced that the general approach to technological education will involve progress and setbacks, but it will always be there. He doesn’t know to what extent the institutions will be transformed but he demands a place for robotics in the curriculum.


Gonzalo Zabala

Gonzalo Zabala. Primary Education Teacher and BS in Computer Science (University of Buenos Aires). He works in the Technology and Education area. He coordinates the Computer Technology Center in robotics and artificial intelligence projects at Universidad Abierta Interamericana.
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