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STEAM in vulnerability contexts


“En el semáforo se aprende” (Learning at the traffic lights) is an organization that provides education to children and youth living in the streets or other vulnerable contexts, and enables them to continue their studies. One of its volunteers, Anel Cruz Castillo, is a Chemistry and Mathematics teacher in Querétaro, Mexico, and coordinates the Science and Technology area. In this interview, Anel talks about the challenges of teaching in vulnerability contexts, the need to adapt contents, and the real-life impact and benefits of the teenagers who  develop digital skills and competences with the integration of technologies.

In order to adapt contents to vulnerability conditions, Anel’s recommendations are:

Choose carefully the applications you will be using, since the students may feel overwhelmed if introduced to many new apps.
Get to know their previous ideas.
Select tools that don't require the Internet.
First give the instructions of the games you are using; don´t take for granted they are known by the children.


Anel Cruz Castillo

Anel Cruz Castillo is a high school Chemistry and Mathematics teacher. She started working as a volunteer at “En el semáforo se aprende” in 2020 to help children with no access to online education due to their socio-economic situation. She is in charge of the Science and Technology area, helping adolescents revalidate and complete their studies.
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