Hybrid Education Article

Hybrid education as a contribution to educational quality and social equality


In this interview, Cecilia Sagol, Research manager at Educ.ar (Argentina), talks about the benefits of the extended classroom and how it has contributed to transforming education. . 

We specifically asked her about the context to  use educational platforms and about the importance of not quitting them once in-person  classes are back. To conclude the interview, she reveals how the extended classroom can be an innovative educational practice.

Moreover, Cecilia shares various resources for hybrid educational scenarios, taking into account the existing quality and reach of technological conditions.

Furthermore, the following infographic picks up part of the content from the book Escenarios combinados para enseñar y aprender: escuelas, hogares y pantallas (Combined Scenarios for Teaching and learning: schools, homes, and screens).  The chapter “An Overview of Tools” presents a variety of digital applications organized according to their functionalities in the different fields of teaching, each one with its corresponding fact sheet.

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