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Content also related to other innovative EdTech tools: VR, AR, 3D printing, robotics, IoT, electronics, web tools, coding, etc.

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Best practices

Real classroom experiences related to the use of mobile apps and EdTech tools and services (how to use them in the classroom, activities, tasks, timing, assessment)

Focused in teaching and learning

Specific tags and categories, linked to the educational curriculum, description showing educational use and multiple ratings from teachers

Open community

mSchools Toolbox is created for and by teachers willing to share their practices and be inspired by others

Geolocation, gamification, project-based learning and service learning for any subject matter
Mobile History Map

Map out history, literature, nature, science or art through collaborative project-based learning. Build your student's digital competencies using gamification and geo-location to create projects that go beyond the classroom walls.

Multimedia content created from research, collaborative work and connecting the curriculum with the local community.

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Methodologies and significant contents

Classrooms as spaces for research and knowledge generators. Methodologies that allow to reach different competences and take into account the individualities.

Connection and interaction with the local community

Connected classrooms to respond to the needs and reality of the environment, and open to collaboration with other communities

Final product of a whole process

Incorporate technology as a vehicle tool, not as an end. Make the knowledge generated by students available to all citizens.

We recognize the achievements of the mSchools educational community
Student Awards

The mSchools Student Awards contest and ceremony acknowledge and celebrate students and teachers for their accomplishments within the mSchools programme.

Since 2013, every year we invite teachers and students from mSchool community to take part in Student Awards in celebration of their accomplishments. Our jury of experts select the most innovative projects, and we award them. We recognize creativity, relevance, and technical development through different categories for students from Primary School, Secondary School, High School, Baccalaureate and Professional Training.

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Solve real-world problems through technology

The mSchools Students Awards is an annual contest to recognize students for their digital skills, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship spirit.

Mobile App development

Design and code a mobile application to solve a specific problem in the real context of students

Celebrate the mSchools community achievements

Recognizes the best projects developed by students in the mSchools initiatives: App Education, Mobile History Map and Scratch Challenge

Developing computational thinking from an early age

Improve your students computational thinking and analytical skills with a series of block coding lesson plans.

With the aim of fostering digital skills and developing creative thinking among the youngest, ScratchChallengefocuses on the application of computational thinking through the learning of the programming language Scratch. Addressed to 10-14 years old students, the educational proposal allows students to create interactive stories, simulations, games and animations and sharing them online.

The proposal is structured in six modules, which evolve sequentially in complexity, each consisting of 12 one-hour sessions. Each module poses a challenge that students will have to solve progressively and work in groups.

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Promote the use of open tools

Learn to programme, by using block programming systems - with the support of the community - and share knowledge acquired.

Enable children to become creators of value, and not be just consumers.

Develop logical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity and innovation

Generate technical and scientific vocations

Promote computational thinking from an early age

From smartphone to lab: using mobile phones to do science in the classroom

mSTEAM promotes STEAM careers and awakens scientific and technological vocations amongst students from an early age. Using mobile technology “as a lab”, mSTEAM takes full advantage of all its features as creation and discovery tools.

This initiative offers multidisciplinary project and challenge-based lessons that promote learning through scientific inquiry. It boosts critical thinking and problem-solving skills by teaching STEAM concepts through hands-on experiments and activities.

mSTEAM takes advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices by transforming them into multipurpose lab tools that can then be used in the classroom to conduct experiments and promote inquiry-based learning. It is a highly accessible initiative that can be implemented in virtually any classroom.

It aims at closing the gap between science taught in the classroom and scientific work done by research centres, academia and industry partners, who become part of the mSTEAM community.

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Provide educational material for the classroom

mSTEAM offers teaching units made up of modules that can be implemented in approximately 6 to 12 classroom hours. It includes a Teacher Guide (with evaluation rubrics) and a Student Guide.

Addressed to 9–14-year-old students

For students in upper primary/lower secondary (9-14 years old), although the concepts can be adapted for younger or older students.

STEAM subject focus

Each module has a central STEAM subject focus: genetics, nanoscience, sustainability, environmental science, ocean navigation and mathematics, etc. but touches on many more overlapping competences and skills (STEAM subjects and non-STEAM subjects as well).

Fostering entrepeneurship through the use of technology for social good

Team work, entrepreneurship spirit and the use of tech for social good. These are the three key aspects that AppEducation promotes among high school students.

AppEducation focuses on the design and creation of applications for mobile devices, the development of their prototypes and the design of the go-to-market strategy. Offered as a computer science elective in Catalan high schools, the main purpose of this project is for students to design and develop apps that give users the ability to solve a problem or offer some type of help in doing so.

Based on a project-based learning methodology, this project encourages students to work collaboratively and organize themselves as if they were a real company, hence promoting team work in the classroom, entrepreneurship and a sense of social responsibility, all while developing digital skills.

In addition, students and teachers receive mentoring from industry experts who volunteer their time to improve the learning outcomes and offer a vision of the industry.

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apps projects designed


Foster digital skills

AppEducation prepares students for an ever-changing world, offering free creative tech courses for you to deliver in your classroom.

Encourage students to be active and aware citizens

Through many resources and teaching materials, this learning proposal encourages students to think about the world around them and how to apply technology to solve real life problems.

Closing the gap between industry and classrooms

Teachers and students can get external experts involved at the centre of the project implementation process. The basic aim is to provide the students with access to the real business world and the chance to interact with professionals working in new technologies.
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