Immersive Tech in the Classroom

EdChange Talks

09 Jul


16:00 - 17:30

Open for everyone

Virtual and augmented reality are mixing with our surroundings to create wonderful and outstanding narratives and experiences. How can we take advantage of these technologies and use them creatively in the classroom?


Different experts will join us in this panel to explain how emerging technologies such as VR and AR can be used to add a new dimension in classrooms and create experiences that will inspire students.


Beatriz Martín

Chief Digital Officer (CDO), BBDO-España

Beatriz is also co-director of the Master Degree in Big Data Science, UIC.

Francesc Nadal

Teacher, Institut de Palamós

Francesc is an active high school teacher since 2003, currently at the Institut de Palamós. He is also a lecturer and workshop leader at numerous educational technology events. Specialist in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applied to education.

Jesús Arbues García del Moral

Professor emeritus, INS Vilatzara

Jesús is also a professor of Visual Arts. He has created different training materials from the Department of Education of the Generalitat and the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands. And he is Ambassador of Cospaces and Merge Cube.

Luis Villarejo

Co-founder and CEO, Immersium Studio

Luis works wih Immersive Technologies, using them to increase education's efficiency, retention and motivation in corporations, educational and cultural institutions. He was recently awarded with the Immersive Learning Research Network best demo award for the "3D 360 Interactive Learning Experience on Communication and Feedback". Immersium Studio is creating Learning Experiences for institutions like United Nations among others. Prior to Immersium Studio, Luis was at the Office of Learning Technologies inside the Open University of Catalonia for 15 years.

Alicia Cañellas

Innovation and Training Consultant, VISYON (Mediapro Group)

Alicia She has a degree in Pedagogy from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and she's finishing an Industrial Ph.D. in Communication at UPF. Passionate about new technologies, Alicia has developed her professional career for more than 17 years, initially as an expert in instructional design and content creation for e-learning in “aCanelma”, as co-founder of “All VR Education”, and as the author of the INTEF's MOOC about VR in Education.

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