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Trying to imagine (educational practice) life after ChatGPT


Juliana Raffaghelli, a researcher from the University of Padova, writes about ChatGPT in the classroom. “In only five days the entire humanity focused on what, how, and when this thing will burst into our daily life changing it for good”, the researcher says before going through  different scenarios that can make her reflect on some specific proposals for educational practice after ChatGPT.


Juliana Raffaghelli

Researcher at University of Padua and member of Edul@b research group from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She has recently finished the project Ramón y Cajal, which resulted in a coordinated volume published by Springer: Data Cultures in Higher Education: Emerging Practices and the Challenge Ahead; and a volume with Octaedro: Construir Culturas de Datos Justas en la Educación Superior. She is mainly interested in thinking educational practice in its cultural context, respecting the aspects of its identity and of epistemic and social justice that make education (especially education on the use of technologies) an instrument of equitable social transformation.
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