Mobile learning Interview

Juan Carvajal Fernandez: “We have to teach to learn from the error”


Juan Carvajal Fernández is a Mathematics teacher at a primary school in a Chilean city with 30,000 inhabitants. He noticed poor mathematics performance in the country and his school in particular. Far from accepting this diagnosis, he looked for possible improvements and created the application Matlapp to include technology in the classroom dynamically and critically to reach educational goals. In this interview, he talks about his innovative experience and why it is relevant to choose mobile learning strategies in the current teaching processes. Also, he challenges other colleagues to include technology in the classroom to connect with students.


Juan Carvajal Fernandez

Teacher in Basic Education, specialized in mathematics. MA in Curricular Innovation and Educational Assessment. He has a postgraduate diploma in Neuroscience, and works at a school in the city of Mulchen, Bio Bio, Chile. He defines himself as a restless teacher, with self-criticism and self-questioning skills, and as a self-taught designer. He got several awards for his work, such as “Elige Educar”, a prize to Educational Innovation from the Southern Region; and he was three times semifinalist of the Global Teacher Prize Chile (2019, 2020, and 2022).
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