Citizen Science: Collective Intelligence

EdChange Talks

09 Jul


18:00 - 19:30

Open for everyone

In the light of the learning of services and of the citizens’ science, we will be resorting to various initiatives arising from close collaboration between scientists and young people, based on the principle that boys and girls have the capacity to transform the world.


We will also discover how technology, in this case, mobile technologies, can be an essential tool to find a solution to universal world challenges.


Núria Conde

Postdoctoral researcher, Complex Systems Laboratory, Pompeu Fabra University

Núria has a specialization in Biology, an engineering degree in computer science and did her research thesis on Biocomputing, which is the interface of both fields. Núria teaches biology classes for architects, artists and designers at IAAC, Elisava or Massana universities and she is a founding member of DIYBioBcn, the first biohacking group in Spain.

Luis Carlos Pardo

Researcher, Materials Characterization Group, UPC

Luis Carlos communicates his passion for research and science to young people through various STEAM projects, such as FISIDABO, where students carry out physics experiments in the TIBIDABO funfair using mobile phones. In the VISIONS projects, he encourages students with the craziest mixes: dance, physics, music and chemistry.

Guillem Camprodon

Researcher, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Fab Lab Barcelona

Guillem is an interaction designer working on the intersection between the Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication. His wide knowledge of internet technologies and his training as a product designer makes him an expert on developing Internet of Things projects. He is one of the core members of the Smart Citizen project, a global open-source environmental monitoring platform.

Diana Escobar

Science and Innovation Manager. Barcelona Culture Institute

Diana is responsible for the Barcelona Science program of the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB), an initiative that promotes scientific knowledge and involves citizens in its progress. She is also a member of the Barcelona Citizen Science Office, which supports citizen science in the city and carries out actions aimed at bringing citizenship and research closer together and strengthening the connection with new civic and cultural agents.

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