Social-Emotional Learning Report

Google Tools to improve how you engage with digital technologies


According to the latest data of Digital Report 2021 made by Hootsuite and We Are Social, over 55% of the world population use social media and spend on average 2 hours 22 minutes on these platforms, mainly using their mobile phones (99%)

The idea of digital wellbeing comes from the certainty that technology should be a tool that simplifies our lives and not an element that produces dependence, anxiety and constant distraction. It is key to explore tools and functions that allow the better understanding of the use of technology, unplug when desired and healthy habits for the entire family.

On this point, Google has launched a series of recomendations so people can create their own sense of digital wellbeing, such as

  • Visualizing digital habits
  • Being able to personalize your notifications
  • Controling the automatic reproduction
  • Scheduling breaks
  • Planning tasks
  • Making family agreements

To complement this last task, Google has also developed the platform Be Internet Awesome that includes online games that teach and help explore the internet in a safe way.

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