EdTech Track 2023

01 Mar

In person

10:00 - 18:00

Questions such as “how are startups addressing education gaps”, “how to guarantee digital equity while maintaining the quality of education” and “how to properly introduce AI and other emerging technologies into educational institutions will be discussed and explored at large by international guests speakers during the first half of the event.


The second part of the track will have teachers participants of the Media Education Challenge, an initiative promoting Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in formal education institutions, presenting their selected learning experiences in front of a wide audience. These best learning practices showcase how different countries are using technology to address the new digital information era, providing students with resources and tools to assess mass media, identify biases, distinguish between false and truthful information and responsibly create and share their own content.


The Media Education Challenge was organised in collaboration with ENACOM, CAC, CRC, IFT, CONCORTV and ERC.



Event’s programme


10:00 h to 11:00 h – The Edtech explosion: how startups are shaping the future of education

Moderator: Tomas Güida – Investment Manager, All Iron Ventures;

Speakers: Ariel Camus (Founder and CEO, Microverse), Gonzalo Manrique (Cofounder and CEO), Ironhack, Pascual Cortes-Monroy (Investor VC Northzone).


11:00 h to 11:45 h – Reimagine University: what’s next in higher education? 

Moderator: Ivan Bofarull, Chief Innovation Officer, Esade
Speakers: Cecilia Mosze Tham (Serial entrepreneur and Founder, Futurity Systems), Giuseppe Auricchio (General Director, PROEDUCA), Jorge Juan Fernández (Venture partner, Nina Capital).


11:45 h to 12:45 h – Digital transformation in Education: The role of AI 

Moderator: Miquel de Paladella, CEO and Founder UpSocial;

Speakers: Dr. Teresa Ferrer (Curriculum Coordinator at St. Peter School); Sako Arts (CTO Founder FruitPunch AI),Joan Paul Pozuelos (CEO and CoFounder Neuromindset).


13:00 h to 13:45 h – EdTech Pitch Battle

Meet the 5 top EdTech startups exhibiting at 4YFN23 and watch them pitch on stage to investors to win the title 4YFN 2023 Best Edtech Startup!


15:30 h to 17:30 h – The Media Literacy Challenge: Education for a Digital Age

  • Keynote opening: Xevi Xirgo, President del Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya
  • Panel 1: Moderator: Nereida Carrillo, Journalist and founder of Learn to Check / Speakers: CAC, IFT, representatives.
  • Teacher presentations: Montse Jiménez (Catalunya), Elisabet Avellí (Catalunya), Rui Abreu (Portugal), Mónica Velázquez (México), Maya Gutiérrez (Perú), Analía Moschini (Argentina), William Cayapur (Colombia).
  • Panel 2: Moderator: Nereida Carrillo, Journalist and founder of Learn to Check / Speakers: Montse Jiménez (Catalunya), Elisabet Avellí (Catalunya), Rui Abreu (Portugal), Mónica Velázquez (México), Maya Gutiérrez (Perú), Analía Moschini (Argentina), William Cayapur (Colombia).



Ariel Camus

Founder and CEO, Microverse

Ariel Camus is the founder and CEO of Microverse, a groundbreaking school that provides global software engineering training and life-changing job opportunities to students worldwide. With a mission to break down barriers to education and employment, Microverse offers its students access to high-quality training at no upfront cost, with tuition only payable upon successful placement in a well-paying job.

Cecilia Mosze Tham

CEO, Futurity Systems

Cecilia works in the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, science, and design. She is the CEO of Futurity Systems, providing futures-as-a-service: from data science to engineering prototypes to future driven strategic design, Futurity helps companies and organizations build better futures faster, together. She has been listed in Forbes as “Top 50 Futurists from Spain”, as well as “100 Women of the Future” publication, and has been awarded the “Global Disruptor Award by AWS”.

Sako Arts

CTO and Founder, FruitPunch AI

Sako Arts is the CTO and Founder of FruitPunch AI, the global AI for Good community. As an AI specialist himself, he experienced firsthand that classical education does not prepare you to apply AI in the real world. Therefore, he founded FruitPunch to crowd-source engineers worldwide to apply AI for sustainable causes while being educated with real challenge-based learning.

Dr. Nereida Carrillo

Journalist and Cofounder, Learn to Check

PhD in Journalism and Communication from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, journalist, researcher, lecturer at various universities (UPF, UAB, UOC) and professional trainer. She has explained digital verification to young people, teachers, families, journalists, librarians and other audiences through her media literacy workshops. She is the author of El periodismo volátil (Editorial UOC), a book about the new journalism derived from infotainment. She regularly contributes to the newspaper ARA and the magazine Capçalera of the Association of Journalists of Catalonia. With more than 15 years of experience as a journalist, she has also worked for radio broadcaster Cadena SER and the TV3 news website.

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