Media Literacy Infographic

Digital technologies, how to educate on critical and sensible usages


The wide range of opportunities and benefits cannot make us forget that one important part of the teachers´role is to work with children on how to solve the big challenges presented in this new era, all with a rights´perspective.

The education community has an important role on how to build a digital citizenship, among other approaches starting with the work on the ties children have with the information.

As we face the over abundance of information, how do we educate children to fight against misinformation? Are the children aware that they surf in systems that are moderated, defined and controlled by algorithms?

A concrete and approved possibility is to create debate spaces and discussion inside the classrooms with the students, rooting for a diversity of voices and perspectives with a transdisciplinary onset.

The future demands people to acquire reading and source analysis skills, required as sine qua non conditions to develop a purposeful flow in the digital environment, allowing thus to evaluate the quality of the surrounding information.

We invite you to listen to Liliana Arroyo, investigator from the Instituto de Innovación Social ESADE and expert in digital transformation and social impact; Sonia Livingstone, professor at the London School of Economics; and Cristina Colom, Director at Digital Future Society for MWCapital, in this EDChange 2021 video

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