Paula Valenzuela

Studied Social Communication, Journalism and Institutional Relations. She is a TV executive producer and teaches Journalistic Production and Audiovisual Realization at tertiary level and other teacher training places; she is in charge of workshops, seminars and consultancies. As Director of Audiovisual Productions of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation in Santa Fe Province, she carried out the general production of more than 30 programs of diverse genres and formats for Señal Santa Fe. She coordinated Educational Audiovisual Projects for the Ministry of Education of Santa Fe and implemented the methodological proposal of Audiovisual Literacy as a public policy. She promotes self-managed interdisciplinary professional teams that incorporate the audiovisual language as a resource for building identities and learning processes in social collectives. She actively participates in community projects about environmental issues and agroecological gardens. She co-authored the book "Alfabetización Audiovisual -Desmontar la mirada ingenua" (Audiovisual Literacy-Dismantling the Naive Look), 2022, Bonum.