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Agriculture, tourism, and energies for a sustainable and clean future

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4° year students of ESO will study the change of various enterprises and/or individuals from Terra Alta towards a more environmentally sustainable and respectful production and consumption: ecological wine production, manufacturing of natural cosmetics...


Educational institution in Terra Alta, 4th year of Secondary Education. MHM project: Sustainability in Terra Alta. Project-based work. Agricultural region, located away from large cities. Aging population. Fostering sustainable entrepreneurship.


The school IE Portal Batea is located in Terra Alta
The starting point of the project was to raise awareness of good sustainable practices carried out in the region as well as at the school
Involved agents were 4th year ESO students
Project-based work methodology was implemented
Students were protagonists of their own learning process and discovered that sustainable economic activities and remarkable actions are starting to be carried out in their immediate invironment


Sensitize about the SDGs

Sensitize students to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Raise awareness of good initiatives

Raise awareness of good sustainable initiatives carried out in the region.

Respect the environment

Foster a respectful attitude toward the environment.

Paradigm shift

Encourage a paradigm shift in the social and economic practices in the region.

Getting to know our environment

The project encourages the discovery of social and entrepreneurial activities in the local environment.

Didactic sequence


Team organization

First, students are divided into teams, according to their previous interests.

Scenario creation

Second, an MHM platform scenario is created and the main decisions about the work and procedure are taken.

Work objectives

Third, the work objectives are established and each team member decides on the steps to be taken.

Conducting interviews and fieldwork

Students devote a number of sessions to conduct interviews, take photographs, make videos...

Information drafting

Students gather the obtained information, write the text in different languages, and edit the videos.

Evaluation and Conclusions


Students succeed in raising awareness of the sustainable practices implemented in their environment.
Interdisciplinary work is carried out and students develop their digital, linguistic, and "learning to learn" skills.
Students' autonomy is achieved.

Things to improve

Thinking about future courses, the scenario could be enriched with new initiatives.
In the future, some external institutions could get involved in the project.
The assessment is really positive since the activity manages to motivate students while deepening their knowledge about the region.

Take this experience to your classroom!

Tips to adapt the experience to your classroom



A good look at your environment.


Attention to what is going on in your region.


Testimonies of those beginning to implement interesting sustainable practices.

Raise awareness

Of the sustainable initiatives in your environment

Be a change agent

And join the sustainable practices that might lead to new ways of doing things.


Tere Melich Borràs

Foreing language Teacher. She works with ESO students in different projects and is the internationalization coordinator at the school.
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Teresa Castelló Bou

Social Sciences Professor (CLIL methodology). Teaches Geography and History and interdisciplinary projects at IE Portal (Batea).
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