Digital Inclusion Interview

Francisco Chamorro: “Espacio Maker promotes different digital skills”


As responsible for Educational Innovation in La Salle school, Francisco Chamorro is one of the people involved in the creation of “Espacio Maker”. The goal of this space is to include both technological and pedagogical innovation in the school. In this interview he explains how they designed the space and gives recommendations to inspire other schools to think about their own educational spaces.


Francisco Chamorro

He is an Educational Science Professor of the Universidad Católica de Santa Fe. He is Specialist in Education and New Technologies and has a degree in Educational Management, (FLACSO). He is responsible for Educational Innovation in the La Salle school of Buenos Aires and he coordinates cross-cutting projects in the Educational Net of La Salle school in Argentina and Paraguay. He is coauthor of the book “Cómo enseñar a aprender. Educación, Innovación y Tecnología en tiempos de crisis”.
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